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The nafudakake is a name plate rack, the individual plates are called nafuda. We use nafuda to showcase everyone who has ever received a black belt (senior) in the Ketsugo Goju-Ryu system. The following are the names of the people who have ever been promoted to senior black belt in the history of United/Ketsugo Ketsugo Goju-Ryu, beginning with the first black belt in 1978:

From Shodai Jay Trombley -
1. Alyce Strickland
2. Tom Rieber
3. Rusty Fralia
4. Todd Kauffman
5. Lavada White
6. Shane Facemyer
7. David Griffin
8. Ken Johnson
9. Bob Lowenstein
10. Mark Ashraf
11. Sharon Griffin
12. Marshall Van Orden
13. Allen Crowley
14. Christine Landmon
15. Andrew Smith
16. Marvin Madison
17. Kyle Brown
18. Russell Dare
19. Chris Collins
20. Jared Smith
21. Kenneth Taliaferro
22. Alan Viengluang
23. Trent Boe
24. Mike Perry
25. Brodie Walgamott
26. Ashley Oliver
27. Robert Oliver
28. George Eastlick
29. Cliff Knudson

From Hanshi Robert Oliver -
30. Tim Bryant (Brown Belt under Shodai, Black Belt under Hanshi Oliver)
31. Armando Navarro (Brown Belt under Shodai, Black Belt under Hanshi Oliver)