Oliver Karate Academy
Colorado Springs, CO
Home Dojo of Ketsugo Goju-Ryu Karate


Robert Oliver, Hanshi - Kudan (9th Dan)

Mr Oliver began his Ketsugo Goju-Ryu training with Shodai Jay Trombley in 2002. After watching a two-day black belt test he signed up the next week. It was a demonstration of Sanchin kata, the central kata of Goju-Ryu, that impressed him the most. Training in all aspects of Ketsugo Goju-Ryu, Hanshi particularly enjoys working with traditional Okinawa weapons: bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku, and kama. Instructing is an active part of training and Hanshi enjoys helping students understand the mental focus as well as physical aspects of karate. He feels that teaching karate allows one to continue a rich and traditional art form and is a testament to one's own instructors.

In June of 2012, Mr Oliver opened his own dojo, Oliver Karate Academy in Bedford Texas with his wife Ashley, another black belt of Shodai Jay Trombley's. As is tradition, when the head of a system retires he passes the system down to his highest ranking student. On October 6, 2016 upon his retirement, Shodai Jay Trombley promoted Mr Oliver to 9th Dan and official successor of the Ketsugo Goju-Ryu karate system. In August of 2021, Hanshi and Sensei Oliver moved to Colorado Springs Colorado and opened a new dojo in the Pinecliff area. 

Ashley Oliver, Sensei - Sandan (3rd Dan)

Mrs Oliver began her training in Ketsugo Goju-Ryu with Shodai Jay Trombley as a young girl in the 1980's.  She represented the system at numerous tournaments as a junior rank, bringing home many trophies for kata and sparring. Much of her success - inside the dojo and out, both personally and professionally - she attributes to her strong martial arts background.

Sensei takes pride in the opportunity to instruct new students in the art that shaped her life.  She spent 20 years teaching middle school math at a local catholic school, and her evenings teaching both children and adults self-defense, passing on the lessons of discipline, respect, and fitness that changed her life over twenty years ago. Sensei received her Sandan (3rd degree black belt) in 2019.

Timothy Bryant, Renshi - Sandan (3rd Dan)

Mr Bryant was first introduced to Ketsugo Goju-Ryu in 2001 by his brother Jarrell, who had been looking at different dojos in the DFW area and came across Jay Trombley's Karate Academy. Mr Bryant visited with Shodai Jay Trombley, watched a class, and decided to join. He was particularly impressed with the self defense. The idea of defending yourself against someone trying to force their will upon you was very appealing to him.

After receiving his 1st kyu brown belt, Mr. Bryant took time off from the dojo after getting married in 2006. Mr. Bryant trained at home during this time, and eventually came back to Ketsugo Goju-Ryu. With Shodai's retirement, he resumed training under Hanshi Robert Oliver in 2016. Under Hanshi Oliver's guidance, Mr. Bryant received his Shodan "1st degree" black belt in 2018, and went on to receive his Sandan "3rd Degree" on April 21, 2021.  In June of 2021, Renshi Bryant opened Bryant Karate Academy in North Richland Hills, Texas.