Oliver Karate Academy
Colorado Springs, CO
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Classes Open

For those considering enrollment 
(ages 8 and up only please)

Call and leave a message with your name, phone 
number, and age of potential student. 
Or you can text us with the same information.

We will contact you back within 24 hours.

* Learn to defend yourself
* Get in shape
* Small Classes
* No long-term contracts

About Ketsugo Goju-Ryu Karate-Do

Ketsugo Goju-Ryu is a close-range self-defense system, characterized by hard striking attacks including kicks, punches, knees, and elbows, as well as softer circular techniques which are visible in many of the kata.  For this reason, Ketsugo Goju-Ryu Karate is suited equally as well for older students as for younger ones. The real and lasting benefits occur mentally (less stress, ability to handle situations in a calm, relaxed manner), physically (increased stamina, strength, and speed) and through the vital development of self-confidence, discipline, and achievement.

At Oliver Karate Academy we believe in the principles of strong karate; tradition, training, and respect. Students follow traditions and training brought back from Okinawa by Shodai Jay Trombley which have kept our style strong over many years. Students are expected to show proper respect and etiquette at all times, to train hard and hold the virtues of karate.

Karate Training: Unplug Your Life

Most of today’s society is based on technology, and our lives are a bustle of information and activities, resulting in stress that can take its toll on the quality of our relationships and health. Many people try to “get fit” or decompress in the same manner in which they operate: in a gym or activity that is infused with a hectic multi-sensory atmosphere, or by running an elliptical while watching television, texting, or web surfing. Most of us realize our dependence on this stress-induced cycle, and we are constantly trying to find the remedy.

The Oliver Karate Difference

At Oliver Karate, your training and development are taken seriously. We train in a traditional, non-competitive environment. You’ll notice right away the lack of distraction in the school (dojo); uniforms worn are plain and not covered with superfluous patches and logos. It is quiet. No trophies are displayed, as our main purpose is to help our students improve themselves, not prove themselves. A supportive atmosphere is fostered among the various ranks of students, adults and teens alike. We all train to help one another to achieve physical and social skills, to improve focus, and to decrease stress. Students are amazed to see themselves transformed from feeling awkward when they first begin to presenting their skills on a belt test, to sparring with confidence, to leading a class in a routine, to mastering a technique that once seemed impossible. Contrary to how it may come across, this serious attitude towards what we do makes the training more than just another “fun” distraction, it becomes a fulfilling and exciting way to improve yourself, both mentally and physically. We want to give you a true value: we won’t take your money and waste your time; you will get the time and instruction you need to gain the skills we teach.